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Where to get  information and help to Road Tax your Class 3 Scooter

How to register and apply for your free road tax for you class 3 scooter/invalid carriage (at least this is how I applied and got my road tax for my class 3 scooter/invalid carriage).

1. Phone up the DVLA on Customer enquiries vehicles 0870 240 0010

2. This number takes you to an automated service. At the prompt’s which there will be a lot select 1 at the first 4 prompt`s, at the 5th prompt select 0 this will take you to a representative (this will take you to an actual human not a machine).

3. Tell them you won't a form V55/4 sent out to you.

4. It may take over 7 working days to get to you (I was told it would be sent first class but it still took 7 working days).

5. I have included a copy of the V55/4 form below. I have filled in some of the details I put into the boxes about my scooter details or put an X next to a box for you to fill in with your relevant details into These are the boxes I filled in and was successful at getting a tax disk first time.

The DVLA now supply a document on how to fill in the road tax form for your new scooter. I normally comes with the application form but I have link to one "Click here"

How to complete your R - Tax application

DVLA - Vehicle Registration and Licensing Enquiries

If you have a question to ask you may find the answer more quickly by browsing the motoring section - find information about:

Buying and selling a vehicle - including registering, buying, selling and importing a vehicle as well as personalised registrations

Owning a vehicle - including how to tax your vehicle, telling DVLA your vehicle is off road (SORN), keeping your vehicle, changes to your vehicle and personal details

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Contact point

DVLA - Vehicle Registration and Licensing Enquiries


Vehicle Customer Services (VCS)



SA99 1AR

Phone number

Customer enquiries vehicles

0870 240 0010

Text phone

01792 766 426


0870 850 1285

Email address




Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 8.30 pm; Saturday 8.00 am to 5.30 pm

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