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Useful tips to use in your disability - continued

By Pauline Medd

More advice-


I can’t remember the last time I had a cold and I can only say what I do. I take one 1000mg of effervescent vitamin C per day, I put it in water in the morning and that helps me take the rest of the tablets, I find Asda`s own make very palatable and reasonable priced one evening primrose 1000mg I don’t know if that’s a woman thing and one Echinacea that’s for the immune system. I have started taking Magnesium since I read it is good for protecting the eyes when you have Multiple Sclerosis, I believe it’s to be 330mg now be careful check if you are taking a Multi Vitamin tablet is there Magnesium already in that as I found I just had to take one 250mg as there was already some in the Multi Vitamin for over 50s. I am also looking out for Vitamin B1 I heard if you are Diabetic it is good to protect the Kidneys. I went through a very bad time with Irritable Bowel Syndrome so I take Acidophilus and that keeps it at bay it also keeps thrush at bay as does keeping off mushrooms.


I live with pain, I have MS, Diabetic, Arthritis, Spondylitis of the spine, Ulcer, High blood pressure, and just had a Cancer operation so I know what pain is, but I fine popping pills only constipates me, I am a great believer in Arnica Jell if you can’t get the Jell you can get the cream. My son who has Downs Syndrome had two legs for varicose veins done at same time, the bruising at the tops of his legs was horrendous but using the Arnica very quickly got rid of the bruising. Now all of this is just advice and what works for me I can’t be responsible if you do get a cold, good luck.


Pauline Medd

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