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Report by Pauline Medd, what can be achieved through good practice.

I have been having great difficulty getting into my dental practice that I had been going to for a long time now, due to no-fault of their own it is in an old building and doesn't have a disabled toilet etc I have to reverse into the room and I can barely get the door closed behind me, my dentist has also gone into semi retirement.

 On the 4th March 2011 I attended the NHS disability group, I brought up the subject about the new dental practice at Glenwood in Glenrothes due to open in June July. I was involved with the consultation of the dental practice at the planning stage so I knew that the disabled access and facilities would be or should be good, I have yet to check it out. While I was at the meeting I asked who would the best person to speak to about being put on the waiting list. So over the weekend I sent an e-mail to the lady in question, she e-mailed me back asking for my phone number she then phoned straight back turned out the lady use to do Christopher's teeth years ago, and knew that I had medical problems as well.

The upshot is Christopher and I are going to be put on the list of a lady who specialises in people with health problems. I have already met her through Christopher getting teeth out recently and to make it easier for my husband who will probably have to drive us there he is also going to be put on the list of another person to make it more convenient and easier for ourselves, in the ladies words (life is difficult enough for you lets try and make it easier).

As anybody knows me I'm a great complainer oops meant to say campaigner when it comes to the needs of disabled people and I do believe in trying to get it right, so when people go out of their way to help then all I can say is hats off to them and thank you for doing their job right, it makes life an awful lot easier if people have empathy and understanding, so all praise to Fife’s NHS dental Department, and the lady in question deserves to be in the position that she is in.

With regards

Pauline Medd (Fife Independent Disability Network)


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