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An accident?

Not always!This photo is of 2 cars after having a crash

We all know that driving on Britain’s busy roads can be a risky business.
Because of this, you are a careful driver and don’t take unnecessary risks.
You love your Motability car and the freedom it provides. But watch out!
There is a new danger on our roads; dishonest people who will deliberately cause an accident to collect the insurance money.

Cutting in

These criminals typically operate by cutting in front of another car and braking sharply, giving the driver behind no chance at all to avoid a rear-end collision. Sometimes they even disconnect their brake lights to increase the chance of an accident. This places the blame on the innocent motorist driving behind.

Claims are made against the innocent driver’s insurance policy for damage to the car and bogus injuries like whiplash, and can total as much as £30,000.

These villains operate anywhere and don’t care who their victims are. Sometimes the honest driver will not even know that they have been the victim of a ‘Cash for Crash’ gang and a ‘staged accident’.

Whilst these deliberate and dangerous accidents cause shock and upset to thousands of people every year. They are also expensive and drive up insurance costs for innocent motorists by an estimated five per cent.

How can you avoid a ‘staged accident’?

  • Our Scheme insurers, Royal &SunAlliance Motability (R&SAM), say that with some common sense and using of a few safety practices you can help yourself:
    Always leave a safe distance between yourself and the car in front

  • Watch for any vehicle following you, behaving erratically or cutting-in sharply and be prepared to brake.  

  • Take care at junctions and roundabouts and watch for passengers who turn to look at you is sprung.

  • Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid these accidents when the criminal is determined. If it does happen, here are some tips to help you deal with the situation:

  • As with any accident, exchange details with the other driver. If there’s a possible injury, inform the police

  • Don’t admit fault and reject any demands for money.

  • You don’t have to say anything other than “it’s a matter for our insurance companies”. If you have suspicions, don’t voice them

  • Get full names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth of everyone involved, including any available witnesses

  • If possible, use a camera or mobile phone to take photographs of the car, drivers, passengers, damage and accident scene from every angle

  • Have the other driver write down what happened

  • Write down your version of events, including descriptions of the people in the other vehicles

If you feel threatened in any way, stay calm and remember that your safety comes first. Don’t put yourself at risk.


These are well organised crimes and usually professionally executed. If you suspect the accident is not genuine, leave it to the insurers to investigate.
They’re eager to crack down on this particular type of fraud. When you contact R&SAM, tell them if you believe you were the victim of a scam. To tackle this crime more effectively, the insurance industry has set up the Insurance Fraud Bureau to share intelligence on suspicious claims.

This article was taken with permission from the Motability Scheme`s customers “lifestyle” magazine July 2007 issue 56  http://www.motability.co.uk/




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